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Nothing is decided, everything can change, like our feelings. Salgoce can’t be defined. We  can’t be labeled. All we want is to continue being creative and sharing our passion with everyone.

우리가 원하는 모든 것은 계속 창조적이기, 이런 열정과 창의성을 모두와 함께 나누기, 사람들이 느끼길 원하는 것들을 느낄 수 있도록 돕는 것이다!! 

Jeju Weekly

Their events are all about getting the artists out in the community. There is something very democratic, a bit anarchic about this style.”

Documentary video in KBS

Salgoce is Performance team in Jeju, Korea.
This is documentary video on TV.

Documentary video for Happy Jejudo

Become the one with art. Multinational art organization, Salgoce